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Off Site Capture

Your paper documents are shipped to our facility in lots which may range from a few boxes to entire storage rooms at a time, according to your delivery and space constraints and requirements.

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On Site Capture

We post equipment and staff at your facility for the duration of the capture process. Only electronic images, not original paper, leave your premises for the purpose of completing the processing and publishing cycle.

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Large Format Scanning

Scanning and engineering and architectural drawings and maps improves the accessibility and sharing of large format drawings. Scanning of wide format drawings is also done for archiving and to make the replication and distribution of drawings more efficient and cost effective

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Data Entry

We provide online and offline data entry service.

Offline Data Entry
Manual Data Entry
OCR Data Entry
Online Data Entry
Internet Research
Data Mining
Web-Based Data Entry

Welcome To Satluj Infotech Images

Satluj Infotech Images utilizes high resolution, production scanning equipment and software to capture your paper documents, bound books, newspapers or drawings. Documents that were hard to find, misfiled or misplaced are now available within seconds.

Why burden your company with complex document capture systems that can be slow and costly to your organization. Let us guide you to a system that will put information at your fingertips.

Our expertise and wide range of conversion services and retrieval platforms, makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with solutions for today's information storage and retrieval needs.

Latest Work

  • Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, Boston, MA, USA
  • Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamshala, HP,INDIA
  • National Archives of India (Private Collection of Prof. Dr. Lokesh Chandra) New Delhi, INDIA
  • Nalanda University, Bihar, INDIA
  • Saujanya Books , New Delhi, INDIA
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