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Satluj Infotech Images provides an end-to-end imaging/conversion service, which include the skill sets for digitization of documents, all types of conversions, data-entry and Physical Storage of these documents. Our primary service is conversion / digitization of physical documents into electronic images, with other services being made available to provide the flexibility to cater to the client's potentially diversified needs.

The organization consists of well-trained project managers, data-entry & scanner operators and a team of paper-preparation staff (which is one of the most important aspects of these services). We deliver digital images in the formats specified by our customers. Every organization needs and requirements are unique in some way or the other. We have the ability to customize our processes to provide the exact service as per the client's needs efficiently and professionally tackle their digitization requirements.

Our equipment ranges from Flatbed, ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanners and book scanners. We use the best makes of production scanners for our digitization services. Our scanners range from medium to high-speed production type scanners, from Fujitsu, Epson, Cannon etc. During the process, an experienced scanner technician interactively monitors and adjusts the scanning parameters for the best possible image capture results. The images will be stored as multi- page TIFF/PDF/JPEG or any other image as requested by the client.

Document Scanning

SITI provides customers with the best document imaging services. When you need electronic files of your hard documents, use a secure archive for important business information, electronic access to documents call for our document conversion scanning services to meet your needs.

We continue to demonstrate our ability to handle the largest conversions of document imaging.

Using top brand scanners, SITI has the capacity and technical expertise to help you manage your document scanning project.

We have focused our resources for conversion services and some of our scanning services, include:

  • Paper Scanning (B&W, Gray-scale, Color) - Convert paper document to digital files
  • Book Scanning (B&W, Gray-scale, Color) - 2 pages scanned in 11" x 17" scanning area
  • Engineering Documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) -converts image files to searchable text files in Word and PDF
  • Adobe PDF Conversions
  • Scan image and text files to CDs or DVDs
    - CDs can hold up to 700 MB of data or about 10,000 pages
    - DVDs can hold up to 4.7 GB of data or about 70,000 pages


Satluj Infotech Images understands that project management is an important function of all successful implementations and Satluj Infotech Images along side oversight from the client, will be responsible for activities including work program administration, work coordination activities, project time management, project status reporting, change control management and quality assurance. We recommend monthly progress meetings with the client’s teams and other stakeholders, to discuss progress and any issues. Deliverables for project management includes monthly written project status reports to the client’s Project Champion. The reporting period will commence upon contract signing and continue through final acceptance by the client.


Time Efficiency
It is exponentially easier to locate, store and share files as text-searchable digital files. Using a query-based computer search, just enter content on a desired page, and that page is instantly retrieved along with other documents containing characters from your search query. No more hours spent rifling through a filing cabinet or waiting for a hard copy to be delivered!

Economic Benefits
Time is money, as they say, and managing paper takes up a lot of time. Converting to digital storage increases productivity and does away with costs related to storing and managing all of your paper. That means costs of paper, folders, filing cabinets, related staffing etc. are eliminated.

Collaboration and Sharing Content
Digital documents are great for sharing over a network. Instead of one document being copied over and over, digital images can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and distributed throughout your network in the time it takes to send an email.

Physical Space
As opposed to paper documents, digital documents take up little to no physical space. With digital imaging, rows of filing cabinets can be consolidated to the space of one computer.

Document Security
A downfall of paper documents is that they can be lost, stolen or destroyed. By converting to digital, your documents are stored safely on secure servers, and are backed up in the case of disaster. Lost or destroyed files can be recovered in a matter of minutes.

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